Getting a Waterproof Hair Loss Concealer

My Detailed Experience Getting A Waterproof Hair Loss Concealer

I have suffered from hair loss for quite a few years now. It’s quite normal for men to start losing hair even in their early twenties. However, when it started happening to me as a man in my early thirties, it was quite a shock. Lots of my friends still have a full head of hair. However, these past years, I have noticed that lots of my hair has started to recede and not grow back. Indeed, this was definitely a blow to my confidence. However, I knew that there must be some great hair loss products out there to help with this problem that I have. Thus, here’s my experience getting a waterproof hair loss concealer.


There has been lots of research that has proven that such things as hair loss has a lot to do with genetics. Thus, this was quite confusing to me, as my father still had a full head of hair, or so I thought. I decided to go and ask my father about why I was losing so much hair, while he was able to have a full head of hair. He told me that he too, starting experiencing hair loss when he was my age. However, he said that he started to use a hair loss concealer ever since he started noticing hair loss so that nobody would be able to notice. This was quite a shock to me, as I never knew that my father experienced hair loss. He obviously did a very good job concealing it as I would have never guessed that he had ever gone through any type of hair loss whatsoever.

Choosing The Perfect Hair Loss Concealer

Hearing what my father had said about hair loss, I went ahead and started searching for some hair loss concealers. The thing about concealers is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Indeed, some of the concealers on the market are not very good at effectively concealing hair loss. Furthermore, some of the concealers are not suitable for a number of different environments. I needed to get a high quality hair concealer that would be able to be water proof. This is because I am quite an avid fan of swimming. Thus I needed a concealer that would be able to stay unaffected by water or any kind of swimming.

Huge Hair Loss Industry

I knew that I was left with quite a challenge in finding a hair loss concealer that not only was of a high quality, but also able to be waterproof. However, seeing as the hair loss industry for men is such a huge industry, I knew that there would definitely be a product out there for me. Hence, I began my search on the internet. I knew that if I couldn’t find a product such as this in person, I would definitely be able to find it on the internet. The internet literally has thousand upon thousands of different hair loss products from a huge number of different brands from all over the world. As mentioned, I knew that from such a large selection such as this,  I would find a great hair loss concealer.

Looking Through Online Marketplaces


I started looking at a lot of the most popular online marketplaces. I was quite astounded when I was met with hundreds of results when it came to mens concealers. However, I was very happy when I found that I would be able to filter results by such things as customer ratings. Many of these online marketplaces allow people who purchase a product to review it. The reviews are usually out of 5 stars and include the experience that the customer had with the product, whether it be positive or negative. I knew that by sorting out the hair loss concealers by the rating that they have been given by customers would give me the perfect idea of which concealer that I should go with.

After I filtered the search to only contain concealers that were very highly rated, I then went ahead and further filtered down the search for concealers that were also waterproof. Soon, the thousands of different products that I had before my eyes turned into a select few. Indeed, there were only a few hair loss concealers that had been highly rated, while also being waterproof. However, I was glad that there actually were products like this that existed in the first place. Thus, I went ahead and chose one of these few products and purchased it so that I could try it out for myself.

The Shipping Of Concealer



The shipping that is provided with many of these online marketplaces is usually very prompt and effective. Thus, I was able to have my waterproof hair loss concealer in a matter of days after purchase. Thanks to all of the research that I did, I was immensely happy when I found out that the concealer that I had purchased was immensely effective. Indeed, after I applied it, I found out that it was virtually impossible for someone to realize that I have hair loss. My confidence was restored, and I was very happy once I found this out. I still use this concealer to this day.

Overall, I hope that this entire article will help anyone else out there who is experiencing hair loss to find the perfect concealer. Concealers can really make a huge difference in individuals with hair loss, of course, as long as it is of a high quality.

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