Overview Of Wellbutrin Hair Loss Regrowth

Overview Of Wellbutrin Hair Loss Regrowth

Overview Of Wellbutrin Hair Loss Regrowth

There is a drive by the name of Wellbutrin that has been prescribed for many years as an antidepressant. It has also been used in lower doses under a different name to help people stop smoking. There seems to be a connection between depression, the receptors in your brain that crave nicotine, and this drug which can help prevent the two from happening. However, there have been some reports that have stated that Wellbutrin has actually caused hair loss, causing many people a little bit of concerned especially if they have found relief from smoking and their depression. Let’s see if Wellbutrin hair loss regrowth claims are actually true.

An Overview Of Wellbutrin


This is a drug in the aminoketone class of drugs that is heavily marketed as an antidepressant for those that suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders that leave them feeling scared or anxious. There are certain side effects that have been noted, most notably sexual dysfunction, but weight gain has also occurred. It is a drug that can be used to help people stop smoking at lower doses, and even at these lower doses, it is possible to reduce feelings of anxiety. It is a very good drug for major depressive disorders, and has been shown to be just as effective as Zoloft, Prozac, and many other drugs such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. In clinical studies that were done to help people that had nicotine cravings, it was shown that it was able to prevent the cravings from occurring. Other things that it has been able to help with is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and this has been shown in many double-blind studies. There are some side effects that can because by this drug, things that you should be aware of, before you start to take this for any of the aforementioned problems.

Reasons To Not Take Wellbutrin

There are several reasons why you should avoid taking this drug. One of which is if you are an epileptic. You should also avoid this drug if you are suffering from alcohol withdrawal, bulimia, brain tumors, or if you have been taking benzodiazepines to calm your nerves, this drug should be avoided. Other side effects that you may experience include dizziness, dry mouth, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, high blood pressure, fever, blurred vision, migraines, and increased irritability. It makes a person wonder, when taking any type of pharmaceutical, if you are simply just not better off not taking them at all. There is one side effect that would greatly depressed many people, especially men, if they were to take this drug to help with their smoking cravings, or their depression, only to find that they are suddenly losing their hair. Is it true that Wellbutrin will actually cause hair loss? Let’s see if this is actually the case.

An Overview Of Hair Loss

Hair Loss

One thing that you should know before going into why Wellbutrin hair loss regrowth is a possibility is to understand how hair loss actually occurs. If it is not hereditary, it could be due to stress in your life which causes inflammation, as well as the tightening of your skin, which can prevent the capillaries from delivering oxygen and nutrients to your hair. Additionally, if you are taking medications that would have the same adverse effect, hair loss could also happen. In most cases, especially with men, it is because of male pattern baldness, a hereditary condition caused by androgens. Once these start to interact with your hair follicles, they will start to die and will no longer produce hair. This is the primary cause of baldness that you see with most men walking around today that either deal with having a V-shaped hairline, or simply shave their head. With this understanding, we can move into whether or not Wellbutrin will cause your hair to fall out.

Wellbutrin Hair Loss Regrowth Myths Or Reality

The reason that this drug may actually cause hair loss is because it can actually be very compromising on your liver. Additionally, Welbutrin is a mild vasoconstrictor which means that the capillaries that are feeding the hair follicles in your scalp will be much smaller, providing less oxygen and nutrients, therefore causing more hair loss. Of course, you may be taking other medications or supplements that could be also causing this to occur. If you have increased amounts of stress in your life, this could be a causative factor as well. One way to compensate for this problem, if it is truly shrinking your capillaries, is to use minoxidil which enlarges the capillaries, a vasodilator, one that works very well. Therefore, if you are thinking about taking Wellbutrin for any of the problems that have been mentioned, and once you are on this drug you start to see your hair falling out, it is time to go to your doctor to get a different prescription that can help in a similar manner, one that is not a vasoconstrictor.

Pharmaceutical Drug

Taking any type of pharmaceutical drug is a risk. The number of side effects can outweigh the benefits by 10 to 1. One of these possible side effects with those that take Wellbutrin is that hair loss will occur because it is a vasoconstrictor. If you are losing your hair suddenly, after getting this prescription, it is something that you should stop taking right away. Talk to your physician about what you have observed inexperienced, and they should be able to get you a new antidepressant, or pharmaceutical that can help you stop smoking, one that will not cause hair loss to occur.

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